More than 50 people sentenced to death for killing UN experts in Congo

Kinshasa, Jan 30 (AP) A military court in Congo has sentenced nearly 50 people to death, nearly five years after the murders of UN investigators Michael Sharp and Jaida Catalan in Kasai province.

Brigadier General Jean Pauline Ntshyokolo, chairman of the Butcher Occidental Military Court, said on Saturday that one of the 54 accused was sentenced to 10 years in prison and two others were acquitted for violating the order.

Those sentenced to death will serve life sentences because Congo has banned the death penalty since 2003.

Sharpe of America and Catalan of Sweden were killed in Butcher Central Province on March 12, 2017 when they were on tour with representatives of Kamvina Nsapu, a militia operating in the area.

The two UN experts were investigating the violence in the butchery on behalf of the Security Council. Their bodies were found two weeks later in a grave.

AP Gola Avinash


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