MP’s first mega textile park is being built here, 50 thousand people will get employment

नकली अंगूठी पहनाकर अभिषेक बच्चन ने ऐश्वर्या राय को किया था प्रपोज, चुपके से की थी सगाई

The work of Mega Textile Park, which employs 50,000 people, has gained momentum. State’s only mega park will be built in Ratlam, the process of land reservation will start.

Ratlam. In order to give importance to the textile sector in the world, the work of the park to be built in Ratlam has accelerated. The state government has already given 1466 hectares of land for this. 25 thousand crore rupees will be invested for this park. The process of reservation of land has been started to make the only textile park of the state in Ratlam.

Ratlam had also participated in the race for 7 Mega Investment Textiles Park in the month of August. Now Madhya Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation Limited ie MPIDC has prepared its proposal. The park to be built in Ratlam will be the largest and only textile park in the state.

This plan will be developed

The Textiles Park has been included in the Mega Investment Textiles Park scheme of the Central Government. In this plan now it is to be started to develop. Let us inform that in the past, the government has handed over 1466 hectares of land to the Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion Department i.e. MPICD out of 1800 hectares of land selected for industrial investment area.

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Rural land is included in the scheme

For the scheme, the land of rural area from Bibrod to Julwania of the region has been included. About 300 to 350 hectares of land will be acquired from the zone. Before this acquisition, the land owner has to be compensated by the government, preparations for his survey have been started. Industrial investment of about 25 thousand crore rupees will be there in this textile park and more than 50 thousand youth will get employment. The entire scheme will be completed in three years.

How much land will be acquired here

Village Name – Hectare Land – Survey Number

Rampuria – 5.940 – 1
Palsodi – 694.523 – 19
Julwania – 87.030 – 15
Jamthun – 2.15000 – 1
Sarawani Khurd – 28.660 – 2
Bibdoud – 724.23 – 122

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so it is important

In fact, after Pithampur in Malwa, the second largest industrial investment area of ​​the state is coming up in Ratlam. In this, along with textiles, logistics hubs, pharmaceutical companies will also invest. To prepare this, the Central Government has given the blueprint of the plan in the budget for the year 2021-2022 and preparations have started to complete it by 2025. For this, the administration has given the land of 6 villages to the Department of Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion. Now the department has to use the land in 3 years.

Will be ready on time

Regarding the matter, MLA Chetanya Kashyap says that one of the seven textile parks in the country is going to be built in Ratlam. For this, preparations have been intensified at the administrative level. Positive results will come soon. It will be made in due time.

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