MS Dhoni: Dhoni blames Akshar Patel for Test retirement! Says the Indian spinner

MS Dhoni: ধোনি টেস্ট অবসরের জন্য দুষেছিলেন অক্ষর প্যাটেলকে! বলছেন ভারতীয় স্পিনার

Own report: Axar Patel made his Test debut on English soil earlier this year. However, the Indian spinner was called up to the national Test team in 2014. Rabindra Jadeja was ruled out of the last two Tests of the 2014-15 Border-Gavaskar Trophy due to injury. Characters flew to Australia instead. However, the left-arm spinner did not get a chance to be in the first XI. However, his memory of that series is still memorable in his mind. Courtesy MS Dhoni.

Coincidentally, Dhoni said goodbye to Test cricket on that tour. After the Boxing-Day Test in Melbourne, Dhoni surprised everyone by announcing his decision to retire. He was replaced by Virat Kohli in the middle of the series. He shared his memories of the tour of Australia with his Delhi Capitals teammate Ishant Sharma. Akshar says Dhoni blamed him for Test retirement! The video was shared by Delhi Capitals on Twitter.

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Akshar said, “I went to Australia for the Boxing-Day Test. I got injured in the middle of the Jaddu series. I remember the day after I left, Mahi Bhai decided to retire from the Test. He told me, Bapu, you came and thanked me!” Brother Mahi, I just came here. ” Akshar still can’t forget the way Dhoni made fun of him on such a serious matter. Dhoni is not only good at feeding his opponents with a cold head, he is also unique in surprising his teammates.

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