Murder due to dispute over distribution of stolen money, 3 arrested in Potashpur

ধৃতদের কাঁথি আদালতে পেশ করছে পুলিশ।

Police have arrested three youths in connection with the shooting death of a youth at Patashpur in East Midnapore. After questioning the detainees, the police said that the murder was due to a dispute over the distribution of stolen money. The suspects were produced in court on Friday.

The body of a young man named Bapi Naik (32) was recovered from the bank of Keleghai river in front of Bishwanathpur Girls High School at Bishwanathpur in Patashpur on Thursday. Police arrested 3 people within 24 hours of the investigation. The suspects are Tarzan Naik, Laxman Naik and Tapas Soren. The victims are residents of that village.

Investigators said four people, including Bapi, were members of a gang. They used to steal and pickpockets in different places. That money would be divided equally among 4 people. Recently Bapi refuses to share with others. This is the beginning of the conflict. On Thursday, the accused called Bapi to the river bank and shot him. When Bapi fell, they dropped their revolvers and fled.

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