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– The tap water scheme stalled due to power shortage
Now people on the streets
-Electrical officers are not contacting the villagers
-A large number of people who participated in the protest


Updated: April 18, 2022 02:22:28 pm

Harvest. Madhya Pradesh Katni Electricity Distribution Area Bahoriband Bachaiya I was facing power crisis for several days in the coming village well, due to which the people of the village were not getting tap water supply water, due to which people were very upset. In view of the problem, the people of the village blocked the road this morning.

Nal water scheme stalled due to power shortage, now people on the streets

As soon as the information about the traffic jam was received by the Bahoriband top officials, the station in-charge Bahoriband Rekha Prajapati reached the spot along with the police force and explained to the people and called the officers of the Electricity Board for hours, but the officers of the Electricity Division took the station in-charge. Didn’t even pick up the phone. After that, after contacting the PHE department, talking to the closed hand pumps for improvement, assured the people to get the problem resolved at the earliest.

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If the problem is not resolved in 3 days then the protest will start

The people of the village removed the jam from the road after the assurance of the station in-charge Rekha Prajapati and requested the station in-charge that, if the problem of our people is not resolved within 3 days, then again the blockade will be done.

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Village people were present on this occasion

After that, the station in-charge, Bahoriband Rekha Prajapati, showing power, said that if the Electricity Board will do its arbitrariness, then the police department will cooperate with the public, then after 2 hours, the employees of the Electricity Department reached the pump house of Nal Jal Yojana and improved the light and tap water pump. Did it on?


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