Nanjangud temple incident: Bommai pledges corrective steps

He says ‘acceptable solution’ on temple demolition will be found in consultation with senior leaders

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has said that the government is contemplating taking legal and administrative steps to ensure that instances such as the temple demolition in Nanjangud do not recur.

Inaugurating the State executive meeting of the BJP in Davangere on Sunday, Mr. Bommai said that the incident had pained everyone and had taken place because officials took action in a hurry without bringing it to the notice of the government.

The Chief Minister said that immediately after the incident, he held continuous discussions with concerned parties and also on previous court decisions. “Efforts to disturb the peace and tranquillity of society have been made by few. We will take a firm decision that will put a full stop to such instances that disturb peace and religious sentiments,” he said.

Mr. Bommai also said that it was not the first time such a thing had occurred. Similar incidents had happened in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and other States, and senior leaders had resolved the issues showing statesmanship, he said. He said he had taken the developments post the Nanjangud incident as a challenge and reiterated that all the requisite steps would be taken to end such issues. “A decision on mitigating the pain suffered by the devotees will be taken by chalking out a solution in consultation with seniors,” he said, adding that the decision would be one acceptable to all.

Govt. measures

Listing out various measures taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his predecessor B.S. Yediyurappa, the Chief Minister assured his partymen that the government would work in such a way that the party workers would be able to walk with their heads held high when they went before people seeking votes for the 2023 Assembly elections.

While praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mr. Bommai did not forget to praise Mr. Yediyurappa. He said while the party didn’t get the desired response from people in all southern States, Karnataka was an exception as Mr. Yediyurappa worked among the people, understanding their pulse and becoming their voice. Because of his untiring efforts, the party came to power for the second time in the State and all the good work done under him would be continued, he added.

Mr. Bommai said the party would make all efforts to ensure pro-people governance. “The first report of administrative reforms by a committee led by Vijay Bhaskar has been submitted. We will, after discussions, implement some of the key recommendations under the first report from November 1. We want the governance to be more people-friendly. We will work in such a way that the BJP will retain trust of the people,” he said.

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