Neha Kakkar was battling this serious illness, the singer handled herself like this. Neha Kakkar Was Suffering From Anxiety and Thyroid | Patrika News


She has achieved this position on the strength of herself and her voice, but do you know that Neha Kakkar has become a victim of a serious disease, which had made her very upset. This was disclosed by Neha herself during one of her interviews. Along with this, he also told how Neha faced it. Neha Kakkar has always been shown laughing by her fans. She can win anyone’s heart with her bubbly style and cheerfulness. One of his smiles can make anyone’s day.

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Her heart is very clean and you can find out that whenever she listens to someone’s sorrow, her eyes become moist. In such a situation, her fans can never believe that she has come out of the clutches of some serious disease. Actually, Neha had revealed during one of her interviews that she was a victim of anxiety and thyroid. Although she faced it and came out of it too. Neha had said that ‘I have faced the problem of anxiety and stress. Instead of worrying about this problem, I took care of myself and got rid of it too.

Neha Kakkar, who rules the hearts of her fans, also has a strong fan following on social media, which is increasing day by day. Along with this, Neha herself is also very active on social media. Along with this, she shares special moments from her professional life to personal life with her fans. On the other hand, if we talk about Neha’s personal life, then she married singer Rohanpreet in the year 2020. The love story between the two happened during a shooting. Let us tell you that there is an age gap of about 5 years between the two.

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