No death due to lack of oxygen in the country, it is not fair to play with the feelings of people who have lost their loved ones!

no death due to lack of oxygen not fair to play with feelings of people who lost their loved ones


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By Deepak Kumar Tyagi


Published: Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 11:58 [IST]

The genie of no death due to lack of oxygen has once again come out of the bottle in the country, as the Haryana government has informed the assembly on Friday, August 20, that no person has died due to lack of oxygen in the state. . By the way, sprinkling salt on someone’s wounds, learn from a few people sitting in the powerful system of our country, in the dreadful period of the second tremendous wave of corona in the country, when there was a fight to provide oxygen to the patients everywhere. To save the precious life of the people, they were engaged in arranging oxygen in the lines by forgetting night and day, but still, due to lack of oxygen on time, many hospitals of the country, big and small, were outraged to save the lives of people. He was giving a clear answer to the relatives of the patients that there is a severe shortage of oxygen in the hospital, due to which people were forced to see their loved ones becoming untimely due to lack of oxygen.

no death due to lack of oxygen not fair to play with feelings of people who lost their loved ones

Although to control this very delicate situation, at that time the government of the Center and the states and the top leadership of the government system in the country was also looking into the issue of oxygen availability daily, but according to media reports, it was very regrettable. The point is that still, due to the acute shortage of oxygen in many places in the country, our government and private machinery had failed to make the necessary breathing arrangements to save the precious lives of many people. Now, when the outbreak of the second wave of Corona subsided in the country, the general public was hopeful that in future our government and our government system will take concrete effective steps on the ground to prevent such a situation from happening, because the country is constantly being monitored by experts. It is being expressed that the third wave of corona is coming in the country, for which, knowing all the correct data of the past, in time, making a solid diagnosis of the problem on the ground and preparing for the future soon.

That is why in the monsoon session of Parliament, the opposition is asking the government a lot of questions about the Corona period, ranging from allegations of hiding the data of Corona patients, hiding the true figures of death from Corona and lack of oxygen. But ever since Congress party MP KC Venugopal in Rajya Sabha asked the central government the question that “is it true that a large number of patients died in the country due to lack of oxygen during the second wave of corona”. The issue of lack of oxygen among politicians, media, general and special public has suddenly again come under tremendous discussion. Because on this, the Union Minister of State for Health, Dr. Bharti Praveen Pawar, in a written reply to the House, said that health is a state subject, they are informed about the death due to corona, but due to lack of oxygen. No death has been reported. After the shocking reply to this heart-mind, which surprised everyone, the politics of accusation and counter-accusation has started fiercely in the country.

no death due to lack of oxygen not fair to play with feelings of people who lost their loved ones

Congress party leader KC Venugopal, who questioned oxygen in the Rajya Sabha, as well as the opposition have accused Union Minister of State for Health Pravin Bharati Pawar of giving false information to the House and threatened to bring a breach of privilege motion against him. Congress MP Rahul Gandhi tried to corner the Modi government by tweeting that “there was not only lack of oxygen, there was a huge lack of sensitivity and truth – then there was, even today.” But on the figures of death due to lack of oxygen, along with Rahul Gandhi, the entire ruling party and the opposition will also have to consider that whether the state ruled by BJP, Congress or other parties, there is no mention of death due to oxygen in any of the figures. On this issue, if politicians do not do petty politics by blaming each other, then it will be appropriate in the interest of the country and society. Anyway, in the horrific 43 days of the second wave, the news of the deaths of 629 people in 110 different hospitals of the country had already come in the media report. This situation arising out of the data given by the state governments is a very heinous crime of playing with the feelings of the people who have lost their loved ones due to lack of oxygen. Veteran Congress leader and Chhattisgarh State Health Minister T.S. Singhdeo has rejected the death due to lack of oxygen in the state, he said that it is true that there was no death due to lack of oxygen in Chhattisgarh, Chhattisgarh was a state with oxygen surplus, but there is a problem in oxygen supply management. I have come. But the very bitter truth is also that whether the government in the states be of any party, the condition of all the states is the same, no one has left any stone unturned in the statistics and on the basis of the data given by them, the Union Minister has given the answer. Although the central government has admitted that the demand for oxygen had suddenly increased in the second wave of corona, the demand for oxygen had increased up to three times compared to the first wave. According to the Union Health Ministry, the demand in the first wave of medical oxygen during the Corona period was 3095 metric tons, the same demand increased to about 9000 metric tons during the second wave.

no death due to lack of oxygen not fair to play with feelings of people who lost their loved ones

By the way, talking about that very cruel time of April and May, the whole world has seen very long queues to get filled oxygen cylinders in different states of the country, hospital management located in different parts of the country to provide oxygen. Have seen the requests being made from the administration for this, have seen pleadings to provide oxygen for their loved ones on the powerful medium of social media, have seen anchors being put up for oxygen, people rushing without oxygen. We have seen the reports of the print and electronic media of the country making headlines about deaths in hospitals due to lack of oxygen, but the figures of the reports of the state governments are showing this situation. Whereas every child of the country also knows how worrying conditions were on the ground for treatment and oxygen in the country at that time.

But now the thing to think about is that when will the importance of human life and humanity be understood in our country, how long will we continue to juggle data in the country through our system which is indulging in statistics in every issue. Some people sitting in the government will continue to play with the precious lives of the people in order to gain their momentary political gains. We have to consider whether there is any limit to the insensitivity of some people sitting in the system of our country. Because in the second wave of people waiting to be admitted for hospital treatment, seeing people dying for oxygen, seeing people pushing for medicines, seeing dead bodies floating in rivers, seeing a fair of blazing pyre Even these people are not ready to improve. The thing to think about is that why some people sitting in the system do not want to let the truth come before the government, why are they not ready to accept the truth and make proper preparations to save the lives of people in future on the basis of its data. For those people, is the precious life of human beings just a statistic?

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coronavirus no death due to lack of oxygen not fair to play with the feelings of people who lost their ones

Story first published: Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 11:58 [IST]

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