Omicron and Delta are born together. Isn’t that the ‘terrible’ coward?

ডেল্টা আর ওমিক্রন মিলে তৈরি হচ্ছে করোনার নতুন ভ্যারিয়েন্ট। (ফাইল ছবি)

Corona may not end with Omicron. Many scientists were talking about such fears. Many were saying that a more serious form of corona could follow. The transmission rate of that variant may be similar to that of Omicron. But in horror it will surpass Omicron. This fear of many scientists may be true. This is indicated by the new statistics.

A new corona infection has recently appeared in Cyprus. The news was reported to the media on Saturday by local doctors. The new infection is named ‘Deltacron’.

Leondios Kostrikis, head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology at the University of Cyprus, told the media that there was reason to be concerned about the new infection. In his words, ‘It could be a new form. Just as it has many characteristics of Omicron, so does Delta have similarities with its genome. ‘

The virus has already been found in the bodies of 25 people. According to doctors, the risk of deltacron is a bit higher among those who are being hospitalized with covid so far. Among those who are recovering at home, the rate of this new infection is somewhat lower.

Samples of the deltacron were sent from Cyprus to the International Covid Database or GISAID on Saturday. Scientists think that more information about its properties will come soon.

How terrible can this new infection be? Leondios Kostrikis says nothing can be said right now. But there are enough reasons for panic. Its transmission rate is similar to that of Omicron. That means it is spreading very fast. But its ability to attack is again like that of Delta. This means that even if mild symptoms occur as a result of omicron infection, it may not be in deltacron. It can cause as much damage as delta after rapid infection.

Many are worried that more terrible covid may come after Omicron. Is this deltacron that form? A circle of scientists in danger.

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