On the other hand, this fashion event going on abroad, Ranveer Singh’s memes are going viral here?

उधर विदेश में चल रहा ये फैशन इवेंट, इधर वायरल हो रहे हैं रणवीर सिंह के मीम्स?

New Delhi: Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s memes are suddenly going viral on the microblogging portal Twitter. After the pictures of the Met Gala 2021 event held in New York City came on social media, if you are not able to connect the connection of Ranveer Singh’s memes going viral, then let’s know what is the reason for this happening?

Why are memes going viral?
Every year celebrities from all over the world go to the Met Gala event wearing unique and strange outfits. In this event, there is a kind of competition between the most unique and unique outfits. But still why are Ranveer Singh’s memes going viral on social media?

Ranveer famous for Atrangi fashion
The direct reason behind the pictures and memes of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh going viral is his wearing unique and unusual clothes. No matter how dashing Ranveer Singh looks in reel life, but in real life he is known for wearing awkward clothes and having strange hairstyles. This is the reason why fans believe that how can this event be complete without Ranveer Singh.

The peaked look was in the news
On the other hand, pictures of celebs with more than one strange outfit have started going viral and here Ranveer Singh’s outfit memes are going viral saying that it is nothing in front of the fashion of ‘Khalibali’ fame actor. Let us tell you that Ranveer Singh had recently come into the limelight for his unique two-peaked look.

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