Online fraud: money can be saved only by vigilance. Online fraud: money can be saved only by vigilance | Patrika News

ऑनलाइन ठगी : सतर्कता से ही बच सकती रकम

If you are sharing personal information in any other activity of the Internet including online banking, shopping, then your treasury can be empty. Hundreds of people are also falling prey to fraud due to lack of information despite the increasing incidents of online fraud. However, to curb the ever-increasing cases, the cyber cell of the district police is making people aware of cybercrime and in search of the thug gang.

Ajmer. In the last two days, two youths became victims of online fraud in two different police station areas of the city. Where one became a victim of fraud by calling on a fake number obtained from Google in order to return the product after online shopping. On the other hand, the thugs pretended to be an army officer and took a house on rent in Ajmer and cheated 2 lakh rupees in the name of advance payment.


Sajjankumar Tanwar of Lohakhan gave a report to the Civil Line Police Station. Tanwar told in the report that he bought the saree from the online site. Then he took the online site from Google to return the saree. After calling but the call was not received on the number but after sometime he got the call. The caller downloaded the app as an employee of Flipkart. According to the caller, after using the app, 19 thousand 81 rupees were withdrawn from his bank account.


Ayush Jain, who lives in Chandravardainagar C Block, said that his mother got a call on Friday to rent a flat located in Jaipur Jagatpura. Calling himself an army officer, the caller talked about being transferred from Ahmedabad to Ajmer. Expressing his desire to rent the flat, he took bank details for advance payment. Then by referring to the merchant account in ICICI, got the victim transferred Rs 2 lakh in 6 transactions. The accused kept on pretending to send the money back to the account. Eventually he switched off the mobile. In the matter, Ayush gave a report to Ramganj police station.

Assam sim account in Nashik
Ayush Jain told that the accused agreed to rent it without seeing the flat. Even took the account number for advance payment of 25 thousand rupees. Jain said that in preliminary investigation, the SIM card of the accused belonged to Assam Guwahati while the bank account used for the transaction turned out to be from Nashik, Maharashtra.

Safety Alert – Take This Caution
Access the bank website by typing the URL in the address bar of your browser. Be careful in downloading any wrong mobile app for online banking.
Do not click on the link given in any e-message to access the website.
Do not give your bank account related information by e-mail, SMS or phone call. Otherwise, thugs can become a victim of fraud through internet banking.
Do not give information on giving prizes, email, SMS, phone calls on giving details of account details on the bank site for giving personal information. By doing so you can lose your hard earned money.

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