‘Pakistan should stop cursing India if New Zealand and England team’s tour is canceled’

'न्यूजीलैंड और इंग्लैंड टीम का टूर कैंसिल होने पर भारत को कोसना बंद करे पाकिस्तान'

New Delhi: New Zealand and England canceled their Pakistan tour, due to which the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) suffered a major setback. New Zealand canceled the tour citing security, while the England team decided to cancel the tour to maintain the mental and physical stability of the players.

Rameez Raja got a shock

Due to the cancellation of this tour, Pakistan has been affected financially and morally, after which the new PCB chairman Rameez Raja has slammed both the countries. In the midst of all these incidents, some Pakistan ministers and former players have told India’s hand behind the cancellation of the tour. He is also blaming BCCI in this.

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‘BCCI is not behind the cancellation of the tour’

A senior BCCI official told IANS that it is their old habit to involve India in any issue big or small, that too without any proof. He said, ‘We wish Rameez Raja, Pakistan scales new heights during his tenure. We want to make one thing clear that BCCI has no hand behind the cancellation of tour of New Zealand and England.

‘Wrong to keep IPL 2021 under wraps’

BCCI said, ‘We have no time for all these things. I don’t know why some former Pakistan players are blaming IPL? He further said that I had read somewhere that Rameez has said that Australian players have changed their DNA for money, Rameez has accused Australian players of giving up their aggressive attitude and doing normal due to IPL. Way to play against India. Now where did IPL come from in this? What kind of accusation is this now? We know they are not feeling well but it is not right to involve India in every issue.

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