Parliament TV launch, PM Modi said – today another important chapter has been added in the parliamentary system

Parliament TV launch, PM Modi said - today another important chapter has been added in the parliamentary system
New Delhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that politics is not only done in Parliament, but there is also policy. At the same time, he termed the content (content) as ‘connect’ and said that this applies to the parliamentary system as much as it applies to the media. The Prime Minister said this on the occasion of the launch of ‘Parliament TV’, a combination of Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV. He jointly started Sansad TV along with Vice President and Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.

Citing his own experience, the Prime Minister said that in the media world generally, content is paramount, but according to him, “content is connected”. He said, ‘That is, when you have better content, people automatically associate with you. As much as this applies to the media, it is equally applicable to our parliamentary system! Because there is not only politics in Parliament, there is also policy. It’s actually a policy.

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Describing the introduction of Sansad TV as another important chapter in the Indian parliamentary system, the Prime Minister said, “Today the country is getting such a medium of communication and dialogue in the form of Parliament TV, which serves as the new voice of the country’s democracy and people’s representatives.” I will work.’ The Prime Minister said that in the rapidly changing times, the role of media and TV channels is also changing very rapidly and the 21st century is bringing revolution especially through communication and dialogue.

In such a situation, it becomes natural that the channels associated with Parliament should also change themselves according to these modern arrangements. I am happy that today a new beginning is being made in the form of Parliament TV. In its new avatar, it will also be available on social media and OTT platforms. It will also have an app of its own.
Referring to the International Day of Democracy, the Prime Minister said that when it comes to democracy, India’s responsibility becomes much greater because India is the mother of democracy.

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“Democracy for India is not just a system but an idea. Democracy in India is not just a constitutional framework but a spirit. Democracy in India is not only a collection of Articles of the Constitution, it is our lifeline. Hence the launch of Parliament TV on International Day of Democracy itself becomes very relevant.

Speaking on the occasion, the Vice President stressed on meaningful discussion in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies according to the aspirations of the people and said that the voice of the people should not be suppressed in the noise and disturbances. He also said that discussions should reflect the details of concerns, alleviation of apprehensions and deep knowledge of the subjects.

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Naidu said discussions in legislatures solve problems but disruptions waste collective energy and affect the work of building a ‘New India’. He underlined that the expansion of media, especially television, in India has been phenomenal. Naidu said that the rapid expansion of social media and digital media has added another dimension to real-time communication and exchange of information.

Expressing his sentiment, he said that in the compulsion to run the news fast and first, other aspects are often neglected and because of this people have to face the challenge of ‘fake news’ and ‘sensation’. He said that separating truth from lies has become a real challenge. It is noteworthy that the decision to merge Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV was taken in February 2021 and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Parliament TV was appointed in March, 2021.

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