Patiala violence: Big disclosure on Patiala case, preparations for violence were already done; video surfaced


Patiala violence: There has been a big disclosure in the violence that broke out in Patiala violence in Punjab. The Khalistanis had already prepared for the violence in Patiala. This has been revealed from the April 22 video of Barjinder Singh Parwana, the main accused in the violence. In the video, Parwana is seen openly threatening violence. Along with this, slogans of Khalistan Zindabad were also raised.

Video of accused of Patiala violence surfaced

A video of Barjinder Singh Parwana running away after hiding his face after the violence has also surfaced. Barjinder was involved in the peasant movement. An important video of Barjinder Singh Parwana, the main accused in the violence during the anti-Khalistan rally in Patiala on 29 April, has surfaced. Barjinder is accused of instigating the people of the Sikh side at the time of violence and sent them towards the temple.

Barjinder is threatening outside SSP office

Barjinder Singh Parwana is seen in the video threatening violence if an anti-Khalistan rally is held outside the Patiala SSP office. In the video, Barjinder is saying that if an anti-Khalistan rally is held on 29th, it will not be right. We will come after telling the family members that if they come back, their karma does not come, then their karma.

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In the video, Barjinder is also saying that he is satisfied with the decision of SSP Patiala not to allow the anti-Khalistan rally, but preparations will be kept complete on 29th.

Video of the day of violence also surfaced

Apart from this, a video of the accused Barjinder, the day of violence on April 29, has also surfaced, in which Barjinder is sitting on a motorcycle with his face hidden in the middle and is running. There are 2 other companions with him.

The accused was also involved in the farmers’ movement

After scanning the Facebook profile of Barjinder Singh Parwan, the main accused of Patiala violence, zee news has also found pictures of his presence at the Singhu Border protest site. In a picture uploaded to his Facebook page in September 2021, Barjinder is standing with farmer protesters and in a photo he is honored by farmer protesters by hoisting saffron cloth.

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