Patrika Opinion: The image of delay in decisions is fatal for Congress

Patrika Opinion : फैसलों में देरी की छवि कांग्रेस के लिए घातक

Changing the face of the Chief Minister in Punjab will be considered as a belated move by the Congress high command.

Changing the face of the Chief Minister in Punjab just before the assembly elections will be considered as a belated step by the Congress high command. By taking this drastic step, it has also tried to improve its image of delay in decision making. It is too early to say anything about whether this decision will prove to be a step to bring him back to power in Punjab. Because the rounds of rhetoric among the leaders before and after taking oath of the new Chief Minister in Punjab, it is clear that everything is still not well there.

With the intention of ending the long tussle, the stamping of Charanjit Singh Channi’s name may be being described as a democratic process after two-three names came to the fore in the Congress Legislature Party meeting in Punjab. But everyone knows that even in such meetings, the exercise of stamping the decision of the high command is done by the political parties. Even before Channi was sworn in, former state Congress President Sunil Jakhar has reacted sharply to the statement of former Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat. On the other hand, Captain Amarinder Singh’s stay away from the oath ceremony suggests that the spark of discontent in Punjab can be ignited any time.

This problem is not only in Punjab. The tussle of leaders is also well known in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. It is being said that after ‘Operation Punjab’, the high command will take reconciliation steps in these states as well. These steps may be shocking, such discussion has also started. But the basic question is why is the image of the Congress high command becoming a lax attitude in decision making? Why the discord among the satraps of the states is not stopping? Why do senior party leaders keep expressing the need for introspection in the party every now and then? Only by resolving these questions can Congress make efforts to take back the lost support? Electoral defeat and victory has its place, but if the discord between the leaders keeps increasing, then it may become difficult for this party to stand as a strong opposition. Not only Punjab, there are other four states where it has to face elections. At present, apart from Punjab, the Congress is in power on its own in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The party has been running on the interim president for two years.

Congratulating the Chief Minister of Punjab, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi called it a new beginning. It is another matter that in order to climb the ladder of power, the party will have to start afresh on many fronts.


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