• Politics dancing on ‘bottle’ in Bihar.
  • A BJP MLA asked to end the prohibition
  • Another questioned the red in the bride’s room regarding alcohol
  • On the other hand, JDU said – If you leave the house after drinking two pegs, then show it


In Bihar, politics is dancing on ‘bottle’… Bottle means liquor. There is a lot of rhetoric going on, especially in the ruling JDU and BJP. So far, two MLAs from the BJP camp have not only raised questions on this law but are also hot on the police raids. On the other hand, JDU is giving an open challenge that if you have the courage, then drink two pegs and show it out of the house.

Now Begusarai’s BJP MLA Nitish’s police but hot
Politics is hot in Bihar on the issue of raids in bride’s room for liquor in Patna. After the strange argument of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, BJP MLA in Bihar has also raised questions on the raid in the bride’s room. In Begusarai, BJP MLA Kundan Kumar Singh has demanded a review of the prohibition law in Bihar from the government.

Begusarai News: ‘The raid in the bride’s room is totally wrong’… BJP MLA heated up after Nitish’s argument on liquor ban

The MLA said that the police is raiding the bride’s room in Patna, which is not correct from anywhere. According to MLA Kundan Singh, the entire administration is engaged in implementing the prohibition law, as a result of which other crimes are increasing, so it is necessary to review the prohibition law.

A BJP MLA’s advice to end liquor ban
It would have been fine if the matter had remained till this point, but before this, a BJP MLA advised CM Nitish Kumar to end the prohibition. BJP MLA Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul even requested CM Nitish Kumar to withdraw the liquor prohibition laws in Bihar in the same way as PM Modi has announced the return of agricultural laws. hear what he said

Bihar Sharab Bandi: ‘Liquor prohibition law should be returned like agriculture law’, BJP MLA’s advice to Nitish Kumar

A scathing attack from Nitish’s party
After these statements, in-charge of the district, in-charge of the district, Vijay Chaudhary, who came to Bihar Sharif in connection with JDU’s 15-year-unmatched program, gave a strong message in favor of prohibition. Vijay Chaudhary bluntly said that those who are saying that there is no prohibition in the state, if they have the courage, then after drinking two pegs show them out of the house. Then they will know everything.

Like agriculture laws, CM Nitish Kumar can withdraw liquor ban in Bihar, Congress said – first take consent from all parties

Heat even in winter season in NDA on ‘bottle’
It is clear that the politics running on alcohol has come to a new point. The way the statements of BJP MLAs are coming out, it is clear that BJP is trying to surround Chief Minister Nitish Kumar inside on the pretext of prohibition. But it is certain that Nitish’s party has also now chosen the path of a strategy to give a tough answer to such statements. Well, this is politics and there is still a lot of picture left in it.

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