Poulami Bose on Belashuru: ‘Poulami Bose on Belashuru’, ‘Belashuru’

Poulami Bose on Belashuru: 'ছবি দেখে গায়ে কাঁটা দিচ্ছিল','বেলাশুরু' দেখে আবেগান্বিত সৌমিত্রকন্যা পৌলমী

Soumita Mukherjee: Shiboprasad Mukherjee – Nandita Roy’s film ‘Belashuru’ has been released. When the two main characters in the film, the two legends Soumitra Chatterjee and Swatilekha Sengupta come on the screen, the audience is bound to be fond of memories, as if they want to forget that these two legends are no more in this world. Just as Bengali cinema does not have the right to deny their existence, so does the audience of this film. Noticing the viewers, not Soumitra or Swati Lekha, they are seeing their relatives in the line of their faces. But who really saw his loved one on screen even after death, what is he saying? What does Poulami Bose, the daughter of Soumitra, say when she sees Belashuru?

Paulmi Basu told G24 Hour Digital, ‘I like Belashuru. Very good picture, very good. What they have done on screen is a master class of acting. Everyone who is learning acting or is involved with acting should see this picture. What to do, how little, how subtly the depth of acting is revealed in this film, it is unthinkable. Impossibly beautiful picture. I think Belashuru is also a very important picture in terms of subject matter. I have not seen any special Bengali film on the subject of this film, Alzheimer’s. Maybe this has been the case but I don’t know. This picture will raise awareness among the people. Awareness will be raised about how to treat Alzheimer’s patients and how to care for them. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s, we know what a terrible situation it is. ‘

Seeing her father on the screen, Paulmi is emotional. He said, ‘Every crew in the film has performed very well, even the little ones are very good. It seemed like a complete movie to me. This picture is definitely emotional to me. After so many days, it seems that I can see my father, I can touch my father. I saw my father in this picture the way I know him. Like the impossible. Swati Kakima’s performance is incomparable. Can’t think. I was stinging when I saw the scenes. ‘

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