Power crisis in UP due to acute shortage of coal, 1-1 units of 6 power houses including Unchahar, Meja, closed, only 4 days stock in 16 power plants

UP में कोयले की भारी कमीं से बिजली संकट, ऊंचाहार, मेजा, समेत 6 बिजली घरों की 1-1 यूनिट बंद, 16 पावर प्लांटों में सिर्फ 4 दिनों का स्टॉक

Of the 16 power plants set up near coal mines, eight have less than five days of coal left. While one unit capacity of 6 power plants in the state has been closed. In which Unchahar, Meja, Roza are mainly included.

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Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh is going through a crisis at the moment, the government is troubled by the Lakhimpur Kheri incident, on the first day of Navratri, 15 people have died in a road accident in Barabanki, now there is a shortage of electricity in the state as a major crisis. has emerged. Because coal is falling short in the power supply of the state. Due to the shortage of coal, electricity generation up to 2 thousand MW had to be stopped.

At the same time, there is continuous power cut in many districts. Although the Energy Minister has claimed to form a committee to solve the problem, but the important question is, what were the responsible officials doing till now? Whereas the coal stock gets updated everyday and reaches the top officials of the state. In such a situation, the question is also big whether these officers remain updated apart from just pleasing the minister and the CM House. Because even in big factories and industrially important cities like Kanpur, Bareilly, Moradabad, undeclared power cuts continue for a long time.

Reduction of 2 thousand MW, solution can be done after the AC is turned off

Due to acute shortage of coal, the power crisis has increased in the state. At present, the power generation capacity of 2 thousand MW out of the required supply has been stopped. The situation has become so bad that even after purchasing power from other states, emergency cuts are being made in more than a dozen districts at present. Traders, farmers and common man are all upset due to this undeclared power cut.

However, the officers sitting in high positions will not be aware of this till then. Until the AC in his office is turned off. Perhaps this is the reason that despite the acute shortage of coal, its solution has not been found so far. Or rather, the people who are responsible for taking big salaries on account of the lack of coal, have not yet come to make an advance plan.

One unit of 6 power houses stopped production

So far, one unit of power generation of about 6 power houses in Uttar Pradesh has been shut down. In which one unit each of Lalitpur Power Plant, Roja Power Plant, Meja Power Plant, Unchahar Power Plant, Pareeksha Power Plant, Harduaganj Power Plant have been shut down.

The situation is such that from late night till dawn every day 1500 MW of electricity is being cut and supplied to other areas. These power cuts are being done in those areas and such districts, from where employment increases, from where the farming of Annadata i.e. farmers is being operated. That is, except VVIP districts, huge reduction is going on in almost all the districts.

Only 5 days of coal left in 16 power plants

At present, 2630 MW of power is being generated in Anpara, 1000 MW in Obra, 920 MW in Pareeksha and 610 MW in Harduaganj.

But out of 16 power plants set up near coal mines, eight have less than 5 days of coal left.

To increase the supply of coal, UP’s Additional Chief Secretary Energy has requested the Coal Secretary, Government of India. However on that request in how many days the coal will reach the power plant. So far no solution has been found for this.

Whereas Energy Minister Shrikant Sharma said during a conversation with the media that two committees have been formed for its solution. Along with this, continuous talks are also being held with the Ministry of Coal, Government of India.

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