Prashant Kishor Attacks PM Modi: ‘Sahab’s cunning strategy, the country’s fight will be 2024’

Prashant Kishor Attacks PM Modi: 'সাহাবের চালাকিপূর্ণ কৌশল, দেশের লড়াই ২০২৪ এই হবে', মোদীকে তোপ প্রশান্ত কিশোরের

Own report: It is clear from the results of the five state elections that the BJP is forming governments in all the four states. Once again in Uttar Pradesh, ‘Yogi-government’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has claimed that this election result is an indication of 2024. After that, Prashant Kishor, a voter, retaliated against the Prime Minister’s statement.

On Friday, Prashant Kishor wrote in a tweet, “The fight for the country will be in 2024 and the election of a state will not be clear. Saheb knows this very well! He. Don’t get me wrong. ”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets everyone after the results of the 5 state assembly polls were released on Thursday. The Prime Minister said, “After the BJP’s victory in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, some political analysts said, ‘What is there in this victory? In 2016, this result was right.’ I hope they say the same thing again. The results of 2022-2024 have been fixed. ”

In Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in the country, the BJP has won an absolute majority in the Assembly elections (UP Election 2022). Yogi Adityanath is going to sit in the masnad for the second time as the Chief Minister. This is the first time in the history of Uttar Pradesh that a Chief Minister will sit in a chair twice in a row. On Thursday, PM Narendra Modi thanked the people of Uttar Pradesh for winning the Padma flower once again.

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