Pucca road not built in the village, patients take four km on the cot

गांव में नहीं बनी पक्की सड़क, खाट पर चार किमी ले जाते हैं मरीज

Emergency services are unable to reach the village, MP and MLA complete the quorum by writing a letter

Anuppur. The tribal-dominated block of the district, Pushprajgarh, is still backward. Amdri Khalhe Dhabai Mohalla, Gram Panchayat of Pushprajgarh block is facing the problem of 4 km paved road. In the absence of roads, emergency services are unable to reach the village. Due to which the troubled villagers load the sick patients of the house on the cot and reach the main road, covering a distance of four km.

It is said that the revenue village of Gram Panchayat Amdari is settled in two localities. The distance between the two localities is about 4 km. There is an access road to Tikra Dhabai, but due to not being a revenue village Khalhe Dhabai could not connect to the main road. Recently, in Khalhe Dhabai village, the health of woman Champi Bai husband Roop Singh had suddenly deteriorated.

Ambulance vehicle 108 was dialed by the relatives informing the Panchayat Sarpanch Urmila Marko about the incident. Sarpanch husband Ram Milan Singh called 108, on being asked the location, it was told to be Khalhe Dhabai Mohalla of Amdari Panchayat Dhabai village, then Bhopal control room, talking to emergency service 108, was told that 108 vehicles did not reach the location. Can go After which the villagers were compelled to put the sick woman on a cot and covering a distance of 4 km on her shoulders, reached the Benibari Hospital on the main road by auto. After which the woman got treatment.

No construction even after assurance of MP MLA
On 6 October 2019, the Panchayat passed a resolution demanding a road and gave it to the MP of the district and Shahdol parliamentary constituency. On 21 November 2020, a letter was written again by the Gram Panchayat Amdri to the MP and the local MLA. Again on August 15, 2019, under the chairmanship of Sarpanch Urmila Marko, the Panchayat unanimously submitted a proposal for construction of the road and gave it to the Janpad Panchayat. The memorandum was submitted to the collector on 5 November 2019 by the villagers.

Not only this, earlier on the arrival of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to Pushprajgarh on October 5, 2014, a demand was made for road construction by submitting a memorandum under the leadership of the then Sarpanch Ram Milan Singh Marko. Khalhe Dhabai Tola has 742 voters. In which 370 are males, 372 are females and 259 are minors. Villagers told that in the year 2003-04, the RES department had once constructed a unpaved road under the Anaj scheme in lieu of work.

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