Purba Bardhaman: Money left, staff stopped giving food at Anganwari center

অঙ্গনওয়াড়ি কেন্দ্রে রান্না করা খাবার

Two months’ money left. Lots have been borrowed in the market. Forced to do so, the staff at the Anganwari Center stopped serving cooked food for women and children. The incident took place in Jamalpur block of East Burdwan. However, the district administration has assured that the workers will get the money soon. No problem.

It is learned that the workers of 534 Anganwari centers in Jamalpur block have stopped giving cooked food to women and children. In this context, the workers said that after the lockdown, when the Anganwari centers were opened from last February, they used to pay for various market expenses including eggs and vegetables. They have not received any money for the last two months. So much money has been borrowed from grocery stores and vegetable shops that shopkeepers are reluctant to offer new items. In this situation, they have closed Anganwari centers across the block. As a result, the women and children of the center are in trouble. A person associated with the Anganwari Center said that some people have borrowed five thousand rupees a month and others 12 thousand rupees. As a result, I was forced to stop giving food.

In this context, East Burdwan District Magistrate Priyanka Singla said that this situation has arisen due to some problems related to the account. All the problems will be solved within a week. It is to be noted that food is provided at the Anganwari Center six days a week from Monday to Saturday. From these centers food is provided for children up to six years. In addition, pregnant and lactating women get nutritious food for up to 6 months. But the workers were forced to close the centers as they did not get the money properly.

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