Rail: Najehal rail to clean gutkha stains; If you know how many thousands of crores are spent, your eyes will be filled with tears

Rail: গুটখা-র দাগ সাফ করতে নাজেহাল রেল; খরচ কত হাজার কোটি জানেন, শুনলে চোখ কপালে উঠবে

Own report: The Transparent India Campaign was launched across the country with much fanfare. How transparent the country has become is a matter of debate. However, the benefits of this operation are not seen in the train station or in the train compartment. Indian Railways is feeling the effects.

Passengers were seen spitting on the platform, train compartment and railway property as people did not regain consciousness. And the biggest problem in this case is with Gutkha. It will be eye-popping to hear how much damage is being done to the railways every year. According to Indian Railways, it costs Rs 12,000 crore every year to remove gutkha stains.

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The Kovid guideline has been running across the country for almost two years. In this case, the emphasis has been on cleanliness. But what’s in it! Even if you wash your hands and feet, where is the obstacle to drink or pick up gutka? Yes, because there are no barriers, the harassment of gutkha users goes on recklessly in various government and private places including railway stations. The railways are in trouble.

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Now the railways are aiming to solve this problem. A kiosk will be set up at the railway station to spit. Gutka users can use the kiosk without spitting at the station or line. Railways is currently planning to set up such kiosks at 42 stations across the country. These kiosks will have a kind of pouch. Gutkha users can throw thatu there. The railways hope this will solve some of the problems. But the question is, will the passengers come forward!

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