Raj Chakraborty: ‘I will eat it quickly’

Raj Chakraborty: ‘চটকে খেয়ে নেব’ করোনা মুক্ত হয়ে সন্তানকে বুকে জড়িয়ে আবেগপ্রবণ বাবা

Own report: The number of corona cases is increasing every day. One artist after another is being attacked every day. The artists are joining the work after spending seven days in seclusion. Earlier, Dev, Rukmini and Parambrata had announced the release of Corona. Everyone has returned to their work. This time Raj Chakraborty is returning to work. When Corona was free, she met the boy for the first time and hugged him. After about eight days, Raj no longer holds the child in his arms.

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In the last few days on social media, whether it is his mother Shubhshree’s facetime conversation with Yuvan or making a video of Shubhshree’s meditation, he has updated his fans on social media. This time he took a picture of Yuvan on his lap and wrote in his caption ‘I will eat it quickly’. Yuvan was surprised by the caress that had been frozen for a few days. After Corona was released, Raj went to work. Raj Chakraborty sat in an emergency meeting with the local leaders to provide all services to the residents of Barrackpore to deal with Corona.

On January 4, Raj and Shubhshree shared the news of Corona’s attack on their social media. This star couple was in home isolation. Grandma had little Evan. Raj Shubhshree was both missing the child. After eight days, they have embraced the mind and soul.

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