Raj Chakraborty: Raj is praying at the shrine wearing a hat on his head

Raj Chakraborty: ইদে মাথায় টুপি পরে মাজারে দোয়া করছেন রাজ, ধর্ম নিয়ে কটাক্ষের শিকার বিধায়ক-পরিচালক

Own report: A few days ago, director Raj Chakraborty had to be mocked for wearing a phase hat at the Dargah while visiting Ajmer Sharif. He had to listen to various harsh words to put on the chador in the dargah. That debate turned around again on Tuesday.

On this day, Raj Chakraborty, MLA of Barrackpore, visited a mosque in Titagarh on EID. After exchanging greetings with everyone there, the MLA bowed his head and prayed at the shrine. That image went viral on social media. Raj has insulted his own religion, one slang after another comes towards him. But on the one hand, some netizens are angry with Raj’s work and more and more people are praising Raj.

A netizen wrote in the comment box of Raj’s photo, ‘Can’t Eid Mubarak be celebrated without a hat ?? Is it necessary to dress like a Muslim to greet Muslims? ‘, Another netizen wrote,’ All religions are equal but do not insult their own religion, you are the son of an Acharya Brahman family, you will not forget this, religion is everyone’s festival. Happy Akshay III Besides, there was Akshay III on Wednesday. Many people expressed their anger over why Raj did not greet Akshay III. All in all, Raj Chakraborty has to face controversy on social media during the Eid festival season.

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