Rajasthan News: Medical Minister Parsadi Lal Meena took out CMHO from the middle meeting, know what is the reason

Rajasthan News: Medical Minister Parsadi Lal Meena took out CMHO from the middle meeting, know what is the reason
Arjun Arvind, Kota: In Kota district of Rajasthan, the matter of showing CMHO out of the middle meeting on behalf of Minister Parsadi Lal Meena is making headlines. In fact, Rajasthan’s Medical Minister Parsadilal Meena had reached Kota on Thursday. In the meeting of the officers of the Medical Department here, he expelled CMHO Dr. Bhupendra Singh Tanwar from the meeting. Here the Joint Director of the department, Satish Khandelwal was also taken out of the meeting. When the media talked to Minister Meena on this whole matter, he said that Tanwar would attend the meeting with half-preparedness.
It is being told that during the meeting, the minister told the CMHO that why did you come to the meeting with incomplete preparation, you go out, next time you will be called to the meeting with full preparation, if there is any urgent work then you will be called.

ACB puts CMHO out of investigation
When NBT investigated the matter of ousting the CMHO from the meeting, then other aspects related to this issue have also come to the fore. In fact, recently the Accounts Manager of the CMHO office was caught by the ACB taking a bribe of 50 thousand rupees. It was raised in this that the strings of bribe of the Accounts Manager are also connected to the CMHO. Apart from this, there was also talk of corruption in a case related to the recruitment of Kovid assistants, the video of which went viral. However, in the case, the ACB did not find any evidence against the CMHO, leaving him out of the investigation. But Congress leaders and workers had complained to the CMHO alleging complicity in both the cases from the CM to the then Medical Minister Raghu Sharma. Therefore, it is believed that the minister was also annoyed by the frequent controversies of the CMHO, a glimpse of which was seen during the meeting.

Let us inform that among those complaining to CMHO, Congress’s Pipalda MLA Ramnarayan Meena, Baran-Atru Congress MLA Panachand Meghwal, Ladpura head Naimuddin Guddu, are prominent. Ramnarayan Meena has also accused the ACB of protecting the CMHO and not taking action against him.

CMHO’s complaint regarding employees
It has also been learned that Congress public representatives had complained about CMHO to Medical Minister Parsadilal Meena when they came to Kota on Thursday. Alleged for the CMHO that they take money from the medical personnel working on the deliveries through private people. Others deploy medical personnel across the district at their own discretion. CMHO does not visit any rural areas. A woman employee has also lodged a case against the CMHO in the police station for misbehaving.
This bundle of complaints was placed in front of CM Ashok Gehlot on his arrival at Joravarpura in Kota district.

Allegations of corruption in MM X-ray machine in Etawah
The complaint was also marked by the CM himself, which in Thursday’s meeting, Congress leader Ladpura Panchayat Samiti head Naimuddin Guddu also showed the complaint letter with CM mark to the medical minister. At the same time, MLA Ramnarayan Meena had also put his complaint in front of the minister. He had also complained about sending a 300 mm X-ray machine to Etawah. The MLA says that the CMHO had sent a machine of 100 mm instead of 300.

CMHO now on radar
It is learned that before the meeting in Kota, Minister Parsadi Lal Meena had asked the CMHO that where and how many medical personnel he has deployed in the district, but when asked for point-wise information of the medical personnel, he could not give clear information, so the minister Angered, he asked them to stay out of the meeting. The minister had also sought the same information from the Joint Director, but the minister expressed displeasure over the lack of information from the CMHO to the Joint Director about the doctors appointed at various places and threw the CMHO out of the meeting.

According to the information received, he is now on the radar of the Medical Minister due to the thickening of the complaints against the CMHO. The minister has shown the hallmark of this by expelling him in the departmental meeting.

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