Rajput and Gurjar society face to face regarding Emperor Mihir Bhoj

सम्राट मिहिर भोज को लेकर राजपूत और गुर्जर समाज आमने-सामने

Rishi Pal Singh Parimar, National President of All India Kshatriya Mahasabha Trust, held a press conference at Noida Media Club.

Noida. Controversy is increasing over the unveiling of the Emperor Mihir Bhoj idol. The Rajput-Gurjar communities have come face to face. While on the one hand the Rajput community is describing Emperor Mihir Bhoj as the ancestor of Rajputs, on the other hand, Gurjar Samaj is telling Emperor Mihir Bhoj to belong to the Gurjar society. The dispute is getting deeper, the organizations of both the societies held a press conference and told Emperor Mihir Bhoj to be related to their respective societies.

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Statue to be unveiled on 22nd September

Rishi Pal Singh Parimar, National President of All India Kshatriya Mahasabha Trust, held a press conference at Noida Media Club. Rishi Pal told that on September 22, preparations are being made to unveil the statue of Emperor Mihir Bhoj in Dadri with Gurjar in front of his name, which we are opposing. He said that it is clear from history to texts that Emperor Mihir Bhoj belonged to Rajput society.

The government will have to bear the loss in the election

Rishi Pal said that Gurjar society is tampering with the history of Rajput society by calling them Gurjars. We also appeal to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to know about the history of Emperor Mihir Bhoj before unveiling the statue. At the same time, he said that if the statue will be unveiled by calling Emperor Mihir Bhoj as a Gujjar, then the government will have to suffer a heavy loss in the coming elections.

Emperor Mihir Bhoj belongs to Gurjara Pratihara dynasty

On the other hand, Akhil Bhartiya Veer Gurjar Mahasabha also held a press conference in Noida Media Club and told that Emperor Mihir Bhoj is of Gurjar Pratihar dynasty, which is basically Gurjar. During the press conference, historian Acharya Virendra Vikram told that the statue of Emperor Mihir Bhoj is being installed by Vidya Sabha in Dadri, it is a matter of great pride. State Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will unveil the statue.

Ruled Akhand Bharat for 53 years

Acharya Virendra Vikram further told that Emperor Mihir Bhoj was the Raghuvanshi emperor and Gurjara was the most glorious emperor of the Pratihara dynasty. Those who ruled Akhand Bharat for 53 years, they are identified by the name of Gurjar Emperor. He claimed that the contemporary rulers Rashtrakuta and Bal have addressed him as Gurjar in their inscriptions. The Arab traveler Suleiman, who visited India in the year eighteen hundred and fifty-one AD, has called him Gurjar king and his country as Gurjar country. Samraj Mahipal, son of Emperor Mihir Bhoj, has been written as Gurjar King in Kannada by Pampa, so the statue of Emperor Mihir Bhoj in Dadri should be covered by writing Gurjar Samrat.

warning of movement

People of Kshatriya community of 144 villages conducted a Mahapanchayat in Pyavali village. This Mahapanchayat was organized by the Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Mahasabha Karni Sena. In which hundreds of people of Kshatriya community reached. In the Mahapanchayat, the Kshatriya community expressed its opposition to the emperor Mihir Bhoj as a Gurjar. Also said that we will submit a memorandum to the public representatives regarding this. If still the Gurjar is not removed from the name of Emperor Mihir Bhoj, then agitation will be done.

Emperor Mihir Bhoj was Gurjar – Dadri MLA

Dadri MLA Tejpal Nagar, who is handling the statue unveiling program of Emperor Mihir Bhoj, said that some anti-government people are deliberately making it an issue. Emperor Mihir Bhoj was a Gurjar, before that road or statue has been written in front of his name as Gurjar.

Case filed for tearing posters

After the Rajput society objected to putting Gurjar in front of the name of Emperor Mihir Bhoj, Gurjar was removed from the name of Emperor Mihir Bhoj in the posters of BJP. After which the people of Gurjar community tore the BJP posters on Saturday in protest. A case has now been registered in Dadri police station regarding this. After a written complaint in Satendra, who lives in Dadri’s Roopwas, the police have registered a case against Vipin Nagar for tearing the poster.

BY: Arvind Uttam

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