Ramdas Athawale said – if Rahul Gandhi marries a Dalit girl, his mind will be right

Ramdas Athawale said – if Rahul Gandhi marries a Dalit girl, his mind will be right
As soon as the UP assembly elections are approaching, all the political parties have started throwing their strength. In this connection, Republican Party chief and Union Minister Ramdas Athawale has praised the Yogi government by holding a press conference in Lucknow on Wednesday. Along with this, BJP has been assured of winning more seats than last time.

He said on Aryan Khan that in our country those who drink alcohol are not sent to jail, but there is a provision in the law that people who consume drugs can be sent to jail. This law needs to be changed. He said that our ministry feels that the accused of drug abuse should be sent to a correctional home instead of being sent to jail. He also advised Rahul Gandhi to marry a Dalit girl.

Athawale advised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to get married. He said that if Congress is really a secular party and wants to end the caste system, then Rahul Gandhi should get married. He should also marry a Dalit girl. This will make their mind stable, everything will be fine. After this he will not attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

‘BJP is a party of all caste religions’
Union Minister Ramdas Athawale said that the Modi government at the Center helps people of all castes and religions. The poor have benefited a lot from the Mudra Yojana. 31 crore 47 lakh people of the country benefited from this. At the same time, more than two crore people got loans in Uttar Pradesh. Eight crore people got gas connections across the country. More than one crore people got gas connections in Uttar Pradesh and 27 lakh people got houses in Uttar Pradesh. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists have all benefited from the scheme.

‘BJP will win more than 300 seats’
Athawale said that in the 2022 elections, under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath and with the support of Modi, the BJP government will be formed in UP again. This time also there will be more than 300 seats. At the same time, regarding the growing opposition to the Agriculture Act among the farmers, the Union Minister said that the farmers who have made Narendra Modi the Prime Minister, why would they make a law against them. All three laws are in the interest of farmers. The law cannot be reversed. Changes can be made to this. He said that if one agriculture law is withdrawn, there will be a demand to withdraw every law.


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