Ranji Trophy: Jharkhand in front of Bengal in the last eight fights, knock-out under any new rules? BCCI said

Ranji Trophy: শেষ আটের লড়াইয়ে বাংলার সামনে ঝাড়খণ্ড, কোন নতুন নিয়মে নক-আউট? জানাল BCCI

Own report: The BCCI has finalized the schedule for the knockout stages of the Ranji Trophy. In the quarter-finals, Abhimanyu Eashwaran’s Bengal opponents Jharkhand will face Mumbai-Uttarakhand, Karnataka-Uttar Pradesh, Punjab-Madhya Pradesh in the quarter-finals. The two semifinals are from June 12 to June 17. Final June 20 to June 24.

In this regard, keeping in mind the situation of Covid (Covid 19) across the country, the Indian Cricket Board took several decisions regarding the organization of Ranji. Like the group stage, a team of 30 people can be formed in the knockout. However, 20 cricketers can be kept with the team. Coach and support staff can be up to 10 people. The board has directed to keep a doctor in the team and a special person to deal with corona related problems.

As in the group stage, only 20 cricketers will get match fee this time. That is what has been informed by the board. However, the cricketers in the first XI will get 100 percent money. The remaining nine cricketers will get 50 percent of the match fee. The teams will also be able to take two extra cricketers for Corona.

All teams, including Bengal, will arrive in Bangalore on June 1. Everyone should have a Covid RT-PCR test 48 hours in advance. Cricketers can go to Bangalore only if the result is negative. Even if there is no compulsory sanctuary, the parties have to stay in the biosphere. Eight teams will have the opportunity to practice for the next two days, i.e. 2nd and 3rd June.

On June 2, the board will test the first round corona of each team. Corona will be tested for the second time on June 9. Corona will be tested on June 18 before the final. The teams will be provided seating for 45 people from the hotel to the playground and to and from the airport. There will be separate vehicles for cricketers to carry kit bags and other things.

If there are no selectors in the group of 30 people, separate arrangements will be made for them in the hotel of the party. However, the state cricket body will have to pay the cost. The selectors will not be able to enter the biological fortress of the party. Selectors will be seated separately to watch the match.

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