Reason MSL Level On Railway Station Board: Have you ever seen the railway station name-plate carefully?

Reason MSL Level On Railway Station Board: क्या कभी गौर से देखा है रेलवे स्टेशन नाम-पट्ट को

Reason MSL Level On Railway Station Board: Every journey is a different experience in itself which teaches us a lot. Many things seen during the journey create curiosity in our mind to know the reason. One of them is the reason for writing the height above sea level on the railway station board.

New Delhi. Reason MSL Level On Railway Station Board: Most of us like to travel or go to different places. Traveling does not only mean going from one place to another, but during that time we get to experience many things and learn new things. Often while traveling by train, bus or your own car, you must have seen the sign boards placed at various places in the route. Which help us to reach any place. Also, if we talk about the train, then lakhs of people travel in it every day. If you have ever noticed, then the height above sea level is marked on the board of the railway station. Many of you must have been curious to know the reason for this. So let us know what is the reason behind this?

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Often during travel, you must have seen the height above sea level written on the board of every railway station. which is denoted by “HT Above MSL”. However, this information is not written for the passengers but for the train driver or guard. Train drivers are able to correct and control the speed of the train by this information. Because by this sign board, they get an idea of ​​the train moving towards the height or going towards the lower place. In addition, the train driver decides how much power supply will be required to the engine as the train moves towards a higher altitude based on the signal board. Also, according to the indication board, if the train is moving towards the lower position, the driver determines the fiction. Thus, on the basis of this information, the train driver takes care of the safety of the passengers while following the rules. Also, let us tell you that this distance is measured from sea level only because the sea level is the same.


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