Rebel MLAs set foot in Assam, change address to break Shiv Sena

Rebel MLAs set foot in Assam, change address to break Shiv Sena

New twist in Maharashtra politics. Maratha politics has been fighting with Eknath Shinde all day yesterday. It was claimed that Eknath had set up base in BJP-ruled Gujarat with 22 MLAs. However, it was later learned that Eknath had changed his address. Once again, his destination is a BJP-ruled state. Eknath has reached absolutely northeast from western India.

Eknath Shinde and his followers were in Surat, Gujarat all day yesterday. The Maratha MLA later claimed that he was currently in BJP-ruled Assam. And he claims that not 22 but 40 MLAs are supporting him. And this number is enough to break the sweat of Uddhav Thackeray’s forehead. Because if there are 40 MLAs with Eknath in the party of 56 MLAs, then Eknath will be able to get out of Shiv Sena easily by avoiding anti-party laws.

Speaking to reporters on the day, Eknath said, “We have not left Balasaheb Thackeray’s Shiv Sena. We will carry forward the policy of Hindutva in Balasaheb. ‘ Besides, Eknath claimed to reporters that he has the support of 40 MLAs. It is learned that yesterday Uddhav Thackeray called Eknath Shinde and talked for 10 minutes. The Eknaths then made arrangements to move from Gujarat to Assam. Meanwhile, in a phone call, Uddhav Thackeray asked Eknath Shinde to return to the team. However, sources said that Eknath claimed that he would return to the party if he formed an alliance with the BJP. In this atmosphere, several BJP leaders also met Eknath in Surat. In the midst of all this, Eknath Shinde was removed from the post of party whip. Instead, Eknath deleted the text ‘Shiv Sena’ from his Twitter bio.

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