Recording of obscene video call of Congress Seva Dal officer goes viral

कांग्रेस सेवादल पदाधिकारी की अश्लील वीडियो कॉल की रिकार्डिंग वायरल

Congress Seva Dal’s state secretary Lokesh Sharma told that he himself was a victim of sextortion gang, reported in cyber cell

Ajmer. A case of entrapment of a Congress Seva Dal office-bearer in the web of sextortion gang has come to light by making obscene clippings by recording video calls on social media. The victim has given a complaint to the Cyber ​​Crime Cell in this matter. The gang first made the video by showing him the obscene clippings. Then threatened to make the video viral and demanded money. The video went viral on social media for not paying the money.

This video of Congress Seva Dal’s state secretary Lokesh Sharma has gone viral. According to Sharma, a video call came on Sunday. The caller started doing obscene acts while talking. Shortly after this, while watching the video, sent him a clip and demanded money. If he refused, he threatened to make it viral on social media. The video went viral on social media on Monday evening.

Video of police officer too!

Another such video went viral on Monday evening. In this, a person is wearing the uniform of a police officer, with whom the same thing is being repeated as seen in Lokesh’s video. In this, the clipping of the girl seen by the police officer is the same as in Lokesh’s video.

Clipping shown in video call

According to cyber experts, the video seen in the inset in the video call is clipping rather than live. operated by a gang member. The gang lures the victim into their net by showing the clippings. The alleged obscenity done while watching the clipping is then recorded and sent to it the next moment. After this, the gang’s immoral act of sextortion, that is, recovery from porn videos, begins.

Be careful on social media
If you are not alert while using social media, you can be a victim of blackmailing – Facebook is very active on platforms like WhatsApp, sextortion gangs – there have been many in Bharatpur and Jodhpur in the state, victims of gangs – gangs are friends on Facebook. Caught in the net and then extorts money.

They say…

I got a video call on Sunday night. After some time, the girl started doing obscene acts. After that money was demanded by sending me obscene videos. Threatened to make the video viral if the money was not paid. Everything that is shown in the video is fake. Taking initiative in the matter, I have given a complaint to the Cyber ​​Crime Cell.

Lokesh Sharma, State Secretary Congress Seva Dal

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