Rishabh Pant: Panth burns in need of team, makes brilliant century in Cape Town

Rishabh Pant: দলের প্রয়োজনে জ্বলে উঠলেন পন্থ, কেপটাউনে করলেন ঝকঝকে সেঞ্চুরি

Own report: Rishabh Pant rubbed the face of the critics with the bat. The young Indian wicketkeeper-batsman got burnt on foreign soil when the team needed him. He crossed India’s lead of 200 in the second innings with a brilliant century. In the current series, from Panth’s shot selection to bad form, all these were under discussion. Some of the former also demanded his placement. But on Thursday, Panth proved everyone wrong and made his mark on foreign soil again. 133 said 100.

(More details coming …)

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