Risk of cyber attack, candidates sat for the exam without admit card

গৌড়বঙ্গ বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়

A month ago, a fake certificate was found from a university premises in North Bengal. There was no less controversy about him. This time Gaurbanga University is at the center of the controversy again due to the noise about the admit card. Second and fourth semester students have to sit for the exam without admit card.

According to the university, the forms of several students of Malda Women’s College were uploaded with obscene messages a few days ago. Students are having difficulty to get the admit card as it has been hacked. Cyber ​​audit work is going on. As a result, the portal is not working. As the admit card cannot be downloaded from the university portal, the students have to sit for the exam with the first semester admit card.

In this context, the controller of Gaurbanga University, Vishwaroop Sarkar said, ‘We are trying to solve the problem very soon. Work is being done to create a new university system. The whole matter has been reported to the Malda Cyber ​​Police Station. ‘ It may be mentioned that there are 25 colleges under Gaurbanga University. Some of these colleges are undergoing internal evaluation. The test is expected to end by September 20.

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