Rituparna Sengupta: ‘I can see the plane standing still, arguing for 40 minutes, not allowed to get on the plane’, Rituparna

Rituparna Sengupta: 'দেখতে পাচ্ছি বিমান দাঁড়িয়ে,৪০ মিনিট ধরে বাকবিতণ্ডা,বিমানে উঠতে দেওয়া হল না', ঋতুপর্ণা

Own report: Rituparna Sengupta arrived at the airport on Tuesday morning to catch a flight to Ahmedabad. The boarding time of the morning flight was 4.55 minutes. Rituparna arrived at the airport this morning at 5.12 am. Due to this, a first class airline did not allow the heroine to board the plane. Due to this, the actor could not reach the shooting on Tuesday. The actor has become vocal on social media.

Rituparna said, “I have flown on that airline seven to eight times in the last few days. They also gave me an honorary passport. Their staff would take pictures with me whenever I boarded their plane. But the use I got in my emergency today, I was not allowed to get on the plane even though I arrived ahead of time. ‘Rituparna was shooting in Ahmedabad. Which takes about three hours to get from the airport. The actor appeared at gate number 19 this morning. He was then informed that boarding had stopped. His seat was already booked.

Rituparna said, ‘I can see that the plane was standing, its stairs were not removed. The plane stood at a distance of 50 feet. But he was not allowed to ride. I explained to them for 40 minutes, requested them, they started arguing and even cried. I told him how much damage I did not do, but he did not listen. I wasted a whole day. I could not keep the commitment. Throughout the airport, everyone is standing and watching a movie. Here is my question, why I was not allowed to board the plane even though I arrived 25 minutes before the flight? People may have problems, it can not be considered? The company claims to have reached the destination ahead of time. What do they want to prove before leaving the passengers? Who will take the responsibility for this harassment and waste of time? ‘

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