Russia Ukraine News: 2 million soldiers and hundreds of missiles… So Russia will attack Ukraine on February 16 at 1 am?

Russia Ukraine News: 2 million soldiers and hundreds of missiles... So Russia will attack Ukraine on February 16 at 1 am?
Moscow: The ongoing tension in Russia and Ukraine (Russia Ukraine Latest News) has increased suddenly. Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of carrying out genocide in the Donbass region. The Russian Parliament has even recognized two parts of Ukraine as self-declared People’s Republics. After which the US intelligence agency Russia Attack Ukraine has feared that the Russian army may attack Ukraine with missiles and 200,000 soldiers at 1 am on February 16. In such a situation, the NATO army under the leadership of America has decided to continue the security preparedness of Ukraine. Just today the Russian Defense Ministry announced that some Russian soldiers were being sent back to their permanent camps after taking part in the exercises.

America’s claim – Russia will attack on February 16
The US intelligence agency has said that Putin has set a time of 1 am for the attack on Ukraine. Ukraine has claimed that a large number of Russian troops are still stationed on the borders with Belarus and Russia. A large number of Russian fighter aircraft have also been seen stationed at forward bases in recent satellite images. Several photographs showed an increase in the deployment and movement of Russian troops in areas near the Ukrainian border. In such a situation, it is feared that Russia is not going to agree to withdraw all its troops from the Ukrainian border so soon.

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Ukraine’s military preparations intensify amid fears of Russian attack
On the other hand, Ukraine has also said that it will continue its military preparations in view of the fears of a Russian attack. Ukraine has deployed weapons received from NATO countries along the border with Russia. Britain has handed over light anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. America has also given Ukraine a large consignment of armored vehicles, tank shells, anti-tank missiles and other weapons. In addition, Turkey has handed over 100 armed drones to Ukraine. The US, Italy and France have also deployed their aircraft carriers near the Black Sea to protect Ukraine.

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Britain also said – the possibility of Russian attack on Ukraine is high
Britain has also warned that there is a high probability of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Britain has also said that if Russia attacks it could become the biggest security threat to Europe since World War II. But Moscow has said Wednesday morning’s warning of an attack on Ukraine is baseless and has no truth whatsoever. Russia has alleged that it is being presented to increase tension in Europe. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said President Putin did not want to see further escalating tensions. They would love to discuss Russia’s concerns with the West.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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