Russia Ukraine Peace Deal: Big statement of Russian Foreign Minister, very close to agreeing on some agreements with Ukraine, will the war end?

Russia Ukraine Peace Deal: Big statement of Russian Foreign Minister, very close to agreeing on some agreements with Ukraine, will the war end?
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has made a big statement amid the horrific attacks in Ukraine. Lavrov said on Wednesday that some agreements were being agreed with Ukraine. He said that Ukraine’s “neutral status” is being seriously considered. Lavrov’s statement came at a time when Ukraine’s President Zelensky also said that “more realistic” demands are now being made by Russia. He has also clearly indicated that his country is not going to join NATO.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that Ukraine should not have such weapons that threaten Russia. “Ukraine should not have weapons that threaten Russia,” he said. We are ready to coordinate on weapons that will not pose a threat to us. He said the ongoing talks with Ukraine are “difficult”. Lavrov said there are other issues which are important. This includes the use of the Russian language and freedom of expression within Ukraine.
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Zelensky targets NATO countries
Earlier, Zelensky said, ‘We have been hearing for years how the doors to joining NATO are open but now we are hearing that we cannot enter. And this is true and it must be accepted. I am glad that our people have started to understand this and are relying on themselves and the partners who are helping us. Meanwhile, Britain’s intelligence agency has claimed that Russia is calling the army from other parts of the country to Ukraine.

Intelligence sources said that Russia is calling in additional troops to make up for its losses so that they can be deployed in place of casualties. Perhaps this is the reason why Russia is struggling to launch an offensive. With the help of these soldiers, Russia will strengthen its hold on the areas where it has been occupied. On the other hand, Ukraine’s mediator has said that his country will continue talks with Russian negotiators to find a peaceful solution to the ongoing conflict with Russia. The war between Russia and Ukraine continues on Wednesday.
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Russia-Ukraine talks continue
Mikhailo Podolyak, a member of the Ukrainian delegation set up to negotiate with Russia and adviser to the President of Ukraine, tweeted, “Negotiations will continue on Wednesday.” It is a very difficult and complicated process. There are fundamental differences between the two countries but still there is a place for agreement. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and European Council President Charles Michel held a phone conversation on the issue of Ukraine. According to a statement issued by Russia, the two discussed the Russian special military operation in Ukraine and the evacuation of civilians from Ukraine.

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