Russia-Ukraine war, India’s tea industry is seeing clouds in the sky! How to read

রাশিয়া ইউক্রেন যুদ্ধে সিঁদুরে মেঘ চা বাগানে। (ছবিটি প্রতীকী, সৌজন্য এএনআই)

The world has just started a big fight with a superhero like Kovid. So sometimes Russian rockets are hitting the ground in Ukraine. The whole world is in panic over the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine. Not only are the two countries tired of it, but war is gaining ground in many parts of the world. In the midst of Russia’s invasion of distant Ukraine, the blood-soaked roads from Kiev to Katkhiv are expected to have the same financial impact on India’s tea gardens.

Note that a large part of India’s tea exports go to Russia. Russia is the largest buyer of Indian tea. Russia accounts for 16 percent of the country’s total tea exports. If you take the amount of tea exports to Ukraine and Kazakhstan, it reaches 22 to 24 percent. Meanwhile, if the West imposes sanctions on the Russian dollar payment system in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it will have a huge commercial impact on India’s tea plantations. The Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India has already suspended the process of guaranteeing the price of goods exported to Russia since Friday. In this situation, the tea garden is seeing a cloud of vermilion with India’s tea exports to Russia. Meanwhile, a large portion of tea is exported from Chabagans in North Bengal to Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine. Meanwhile, India’s tea business in Russia is expected to suffer a major setback if the return on tea exports is not guaranteed.

Meanwhile, it was feared that the bloody war between Russia and Ukraine could have far-reaching effects on world trade. With so many manufacturing sectors virtually collapsing in the last two years due to Kovid, there are fears that the war could drag the pockets of the middle class. Chabagan was closed for a long time due to lockdown. And because of this the tea industry is affected. After that, there are fears that the new war in Russia will have an impact on India’s Chabagans. Meanwhile, crude oil prices are expected to rise sharply around the world as a result of the crackdown on Ukraine. Due to which there is a risk of petrol and diesel becoming expensive. The price of cooking gas may also rise due to the attack of gas producing Russia. As a result, they were affected by the war. The whole world.

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