Russia Ukraine War Video: The ‘oil’ of the Russian army came out in the war, seeing the tank, the Ukrainian said – should I push to go home?

Russia Ukraine War Video: The 'oil' of the Russian army came out in the war, seeing the tank, the Ukrainian said - should I push to go home?
Kiev: The Russian army has occupied the outskirts of Ukraine’s capital Kiev (Russia Ukraine War News) on the third day of the war. Russian soldiers are moving fast to destroy Ukraine from all sides (Russian Army in Ukraine Video). Large convoys of soldiers with tank-cannon and armored vehicles have been seen entering Ukraine via Crimea, Belarus and Russia. Meanwhile, a funny video is also going viral on social media (Russia Ukraine War Video). In this video a Russian army tank is seen standing alone on the road. After a while, a Ukrainian citizen who reached the place offers to give them a lift to go back to Russia. However, Russian soldiers laughingly ignore the words of the Ukrainian citizen. This entire conversation is in Russian language, which has been translated and retweeted in English by some journalists.

Russian tank’s diesel ran out midway
This viral video was first tweeted by news website Liveuamap, which has been viewed by more than 53 lakh people in 7 hours. In the video, Russian soldiers can be seen standing on the side of a tank. After a while, a Ukrainian national in a car approaches them and asks for the reason for stopping. That Ukrainian citizen talks to Russian soldiers in a very funny way. Such a conversation of a Ukrainian citizen in front of the soldiers of an enemy country is also being highly appreciated. In this one-minute video, Russian soldiers are seen waiting on a deserted road with tanks.

Ukrainian journalist translated the conversation
This Russian-language video has been translated by former Ukrainian journalist Viktor Kovalenko. He wrote that a Ukrainian citizen in the car stops and asks the soldiers if the tank is broken. To this the Russian soldiers reply that they are waiting for Diesel. After which the Ukrainian citizen in the car jokes that I can drag you guys back to Russia. After which all the Russian soldiers start laughing. According to Kovalenko’s tweet, Russian soldiers did not know where they were going. The man in the car sarcastically says that Ukraine is winning and the Russians are surrendering.

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Russia’s claim – Ukraine turned down the offer of talks
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered a temporary halt to Russian military operations in Ukraine on Friday afternoon in the hope of talks with Kiev. However, the operation was resumed on Saturday after the Ukrainian leadership refused to hold talks. He claimed that Russia and its allies were getting victories in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Earlier, Ukrainian President Zelensky also claimed that he had requested Russian President Putin to hold talks. There is a possibility that the two countries can hold talks in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

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