Sachin Tendulkar: The giants have to do this in South Africa! Sachin said

Sachin Tendulkar: দক্ষিণ আফ্রিকায় এই কাজ করতেই হবে বিরাটদের! বলে দিলেন সচিন

Own report: The first match of the three-match Test series between India and South Africa (South Africa vs India) will start on December 26. Before going to Centurion on Boxing Day, Sachin Tendulkar gave important advice to Virat Kohli. Legend has it that the Indian invasion is about to take place.

Speaking on ‘Backstage with Boria’, Sachin said, “I have always said that front foot defense is important. And that will make a difference in South Africa. The first 25 overs will be very difficult. And that’s what we saw in England. That’s why Rahul and Rohit got runs. Their front foot.” The defense was solid. ” Sachin also explained the cricketing technique. Regarding placing the hand close to the body, Masterblaster said, “The hand should not move away from the body. Whenever the hand moves away from the body, the batter will gradually lose control. Rahul-Rohit’s hand did not move away from the body. Yes. It can happen. All batsmen have to be beaten. There are bowlers to take wickets.

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Tendulkar is one of the highest run scorers among Indians on South African soil. Batting maestro has scored 1161 runs in 15 Tests in South Africa. Sachin’s average is 46.44. ‘Dawn of Modern Cricket’ has scored 5 centuries and 3 half centuries. Tendulkar also has the highest run-scoring Test of all time between India and South Africa. He has scored 1641 runs in 25 Tests. So who else can say exactly what kind of cricket to play in South Africa is good for Sachin!

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