School News: While sending children to school, you are not making this mistake, take a lesson from this heart-wrenching news

School News: While sending children to school, you are not making this mistake, take a lesson from this heart-wrenching news
New Delhi: Within two days, two innocent lives were lost in two school bus accidents in Ghaziabad and Gurugram adjacent to Delhi. On Monday, the driver of a school bus negligently crushed a 4-year-old boy in Shikohpur village of Gurugram, Haryana. At the same time, on Wednesday, an innocent child going to a private school bus in Modinagar, Ghaziabad suddenly vomited, then he took his head out of the window so that he could vomit. During this, suddenly the bus driver turned the bus and the child’s head hit a pole on the side of the road. The child died in this accident. Both these accidents have once again started the discussion regarding the rules related to safety in the school bus.

If your child also goes to school every day by school bus, then it is very important for you to know what are the safety rules related to school bus. If you find any negligence or lack of safety norms in the school bus, then you can complain to the school administration. If no action is taken by the school administration in this regard, then you can also approach the police-administration and the court. Only the vigilance of the parents can prevent such painful accidents to a great extent.

It is necessary to follow these rules in school buses

As per the Supreme Court guidelines, school buses should be painted yellow. Also, on the front and back of the bus should be written on school duty. All windows should have iron grills outside. The bus should be fitted with a fire extinguisher so that in case of fire, immediate action can be taken. The name and phone number of the school should be written on the back of the school bus. The door should be locked and there should be enough space between the seats. In addition, the driver should have at least five years of driving experience. The driver must have a license and a transport permit.

Parents always keep these things in mind

Parents should also keep some important things in mind while boarding their children in the school bus. Pick up the kids only when the bus is standing. Apart from this, keep an eye on the movements of the bus driver. The most important thing is to make sure that the driver is not drunk. Along with the helper in the bus, a responsible person has to be deployed on behalf of the school, who has an important responsibility while boarding and unloading the children in the bus. If it is not in the responsible bus, then the parents should immediately complain to the school management. Apart from this, parents should also take care of whether children get a place to sit inside the bus or not. Whether the safety standards are being followed in the bus or not.

Also know the rules related to school van

The safety norms of the school van are also almost the same as that of the school bus. But experts say that some parents send their children to school through private vans, which is quite dangerous, because the driver of the private van does not have any permit, nor can he fix any liability after the accident. . In such a situation, parents should keep in mind that instead of private van, send their children to school only through school bus or van. Experts say that the biggest reason for accidents in school vans is to accommodate more children than the capacity of the van. But sometimes parents ignore this big negligence due to low rent of private van. Because of which their children may have to suffer.

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