Secretary relieved for putting up poster of BJP MP Varun Gandhi’s welcome in Congress, reply was sought in 15 days

Secretary relieved for putting up poster of BJP MP Varun Gandhi's welcome in Congress, reply was sought in 15 days
City Congress Party secretary Irshad Ullah had heated up the country’s politics a few days ago by making a poster viral on social media. The poster raised the mercury of politics from Prayagraj to Delhi.

Actually, BJP MP Varun Gandhi was also included with Sonia Gandhi inside the poster. Not only this, sad days passed, Rey Bhaiya, happy days, Varun Gandhi was welcomed in the Congress party with the slogan, but the Congress party first issued a show cause notice from its party secretary within 24 hours and secondly. While relieving Din Irshad Ullah from the post of secretary, he has sought a reply within 15 days for not committing such a mistake again.

Congress party secretary relieved
In the case of posting controversial posters from Prayagraj City Congress Party Secretary Irshad Ullah, party president Nafees Anwar on the second day relieved Irshad Ullah from the post of City Congress Party secretary for 15 days and made such a mistake within 15 days. A written reply has been sought for not doing it again.

Let us tell you that in this matter, earlier the President of the City Congress Party had sought a reply from the Secretary of the Congress Party within 24 hours, but after not getting a satisfactory answer, again such action has been taken against Irshad Ullah, the Secretary of the City Congress Party.

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Irshad Ullah apologized by releasing a video on social media
At the same time, Prayagraj City Congress Secretary Irshad Ullah has made a video of himself viral on social media. In this video, Irshad is talking about not letting the poster going viral on social media have anything to do with the Congress party. Along with this, he is also saying in the video that if anyone has been hurt through this poster, then I apologize for that.

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