Seeing the worker suffocating in the safety tank, the owner went to save, both died

Seeing the worker suffocating in the safety tank, the owner went to save, both died
Purnia : Two people died, while one was seriously injured due to suffocation in the safety tank in Bihar’s Purnia. The incident is near Madhopara Rizwan Masjid under Assistant Treasurer Police Station. According to the information, the laborer and the landlord died in the incident. At the same time, the son-in-law of the landlord who went to save both of them is seriously injured.

At the same time, there was panic in the area after the incident. The deceased has been identified as Mohammad Salim Ansari, a landlord, a resident of Madhopada Ashiana Colony, and Ramesh Yadav, a laborer, a resident of Banmankhi. According to the information, Salim Ansari was getting the safety tank cleaned by the workers on Thursday. Then two laborers started suffocating, so they somehow got out.

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After this, Ramesh Yadav, a resident of Banmankhi, entered inside to clean the safety tank. When he started suffocating inside, the landlord Mohammad Salim Ansari entered the safety tank to save him. As soon as he entered inside he also started suffocating. Salim’s son-in-law Manzoor Ansari also entered the safety tank after hearing the screaming of both of them. As soon as he went inside, he also started suffocating.

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On the screams of the three, the nearby people reached the spot and pulled all three out of the safety tank. But by then it was too late. Salim Ansari and laborer Ramesh Yadav had died. Manzoor Alam was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state. where he is being treated. Locals said that the ambulance was called several times but the ambulance did not reach on time. Had the ambulance arrived on time, perhaps those lives would have been saved.

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