Shahrukh Khan gave a shocking statement about his elder son Aryan, said this from sex to drugs

शाहरुख खान ने अपने बड़े बेटे आर्यन को लेकर दिया था चौंका देने वाला बयान, सेक्स से लेकर ड्रग्स के लिए कही ये बात

New Delhi. Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, is counted among the powerful actors of Bollywood. His acting in every one of his films goes down in the hearts of the people. People like to watch his film very much. Shahrukh Khan is very active in films as well as on social media and stays connected with fans by sharing his words. But talking about children, Shahrukh thinks about them a little differently from other stars, once Shahrukh Khan had said such a thing about his son Aryan in an interview that no one can even imagine. Shahrukh had said that he wants his son Aryan to do all such dirty things which I could not do in my youth.

Shahrukh also spoke on drugs and sex

Shahrukh, while answering Simi Grewal’s question, said, ‘When Aryan becomes a little older, then I will tell him to chase girls, do drugs, not only that he can even have sex. It is better that he starts all this soon which I could not do. I want Aryan to go out of the house and do this to the people working with me who have daughters that they come to complain to me.

Fans are waiting for Aryan’s Bollywood debut

These days Aryan’s pictures are becoming fiercely viral on social media. Aryan’s graduation has been completed, but it is not clear about Aryan whether he will start his career with acting or directing.

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