‘Shopping mall catches fire,’ Kanhaiya explains why he joined Congress

কংগ্রেসে যোগ দেওয়ার পরে সাংবাদিক বৈঠকে কানহাইয়া কুমার ও জীগনেশ মেভানি. (ANI Photo) (Rahul Singh)

Why Kanhaiya Kumar left the CPI and joined hands with the Congress, the whole country wants to know the answer to this question. Many are curious as to why such a militant leftist leader like him took this decision. However, Kanhaiya himself resolved that curiosity a lot. After joining the Congress, Kanhaiya Kumar said in a very natural manner that the country wanted Bhagat Singh’s courage, Gandhiji’s sense of unity and BR Ambedkar’s equality.

In the past few days on the campus of JNU, many people have lost their blood after hearing Kanhaiya Kumar’s inflammatory speech in multiple meetings. And in his first speech to join the Congress, he said it was an urgent time. The Congress is the only force in the ideological battle to save the country. I can’t do anything alone. Out of 545 Lok Sabha seats, the Congress has fought directly with the BJP in 200 seats. Meanwhile, Gujarat Independent MLA Jignesh Mewani was sitting next to him. He, however, did not join the Congress directly. However, he said that he is on the side of the ideology of the Congress. “You can’t save a shop when a shopping mall catches fire,” Kanhaiya Kumar said. He also took the Sangh family with one hand. He said that many people said that the country would not survive if the Congress did not survive.

“I was born in the CPI,” Kanhaiya said. But the Congress has come to intensify the fight. On this day Mevani handed over the Constitution of India to Rahul Gandhi. Kanhaiya Kumar took pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh. Meanwhile, CPI’s all-India general secretary D Raja said he had expelled himself. He seems to have no personal ambitions. He does not believe in communist ideology and the working class. But there was a party before he came, and there will be after he leaves.

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