Silent Hunter Laser Weapon: China made ‘blackout bomb’, hypersonic EMP missile can blow cities’ electricity

Silent Hunter Laser Weapon: China made 'blackout bomb', hypersonic EMP missile can blow cities' electricity
China has developed a new hypersonic weapon to generate high-frequency electromagnetic pulses. This weapon can stop the communication and power supply line of any city. The range of this missile is said to be more than 3200 km. This missile is capable of flying six times faster than the speed of sound. This weapon is designed to make a city helpless by detonating it with chemicals.

This missile can also dodge satellites
Researchers from Beijing’s China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology have said that it can dodge the early warning system deployed in space. Actually, countries like America and Russia keep an eye on the whole world with the help of satellites. They get real time data of missiles fired from any part of the earth. With this they can get an idea of ​​which place this missile is going to target.

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How does this weapon work
After reaching the target area, a chemical explosion starts in it. This causes the flux to compress the electrically charged magnets known as compressor generators. Due to this it is converted into shock energy. This shock energy is converted into a very powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

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Communication network will be closed in the range of 2 km
Engineering scientist Sun Zheng wrote in a domestic magazine called Tactical Missile Technology with his associate scientist that it can release 95 percent of the energy in just 10 seconds, which is capable of damaging electromagnetic pulse. It can damage major electronic equipment in any communication network within a range of 2 km.

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The enemy will not even know that he has been attacked
Active stealth electromagnetic pulse weapons based on energy regeneration can turn the face of any war. The biggest advantage of this weapon is that it will not let the enemy know that an attack has been made on him. Peter Pry, a former CIA official and now director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, said that China is on the verge of deploying these weapons or has already deployed them.

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