Son of prime minister pushed girlfriend out of fourth-floor window to her death

Son of prime minister pushed girlfriend out of fourth-floor window to her death

Murtuz Medzhidov murdered “brilliant” student Tomiris Baysafa after he pushed her 40ft to her death through a window, a court heard in Russia

‘Brilliant’ student Tomiris Baysafa was murdered (

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The son of a prime minister beat his girlfriend before pushing her out of a fourth-floor window to her death, a court heard in Russia.

Wealthy Murtuz Medzhidov, 26, was jailed for 13 years in a strict regime prison colony.

He murdered “brilliant” student Tomiris Baysafa, 21, pushing her 40ft to her death through a window, a court found.

The verdict came after a campaign for justice by the dead girl’s mother who had protested at Russia ’s judicial “lawlessness” when a year ago Medzhidov was acquitted.

The judge in the initial trial was seen as “extremely supportive” of Medzhidov – son of an influential ex-prime minister of oil-and-gas region Dagestan, Mukhtar Medzhidov.

Murtazali Medzhidov at court


The grieving mother Zhanna Akhmetova, 42, had complained that her daughter had been traduced as “an absolutely sick psycho-emotional person”, and compelling forensic evidence had been ignored.

She had appealed for justice to the presidents of Russia and her native Kazakhstan, Vladimir Putin and Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

A jury at a retrial behind closed doors unanimously found Medzhidov guilty of murder at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), where diplomats and spies are trained.

Murtazali Medzhidov under police guard at court


The mother had turned detective to to meticulously gather forensic evidence in the case.

But she claimed the original court hearing was biased against her daughter.

Detailed expert forensic evidence on how “he hit her, wrung her arm and threw from the window” was ignored, as was the result of a polygraph test on the accused.

Her legal team claimed the respected institute has acted to avoid a conviction for murder on its premises.

Mukhtar Medzhidov is the ex-head of Dagestan government


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“The courtroom was like hell,” she said.

“I would not wish this on anyone. Not ever. My child was taken away from me and now this girl, who cannot protect herself, is covered with such dirt as I could never imagine.”

The court was “a pit of lawlessness”, she said.

After the retrial, she posted: “GUILTY”.

The Mirror told in April how Vladimir Putin is likely to fail if he tries to absolve himself of responsibility for horrifying crimes committed by his forces – but it is a “long shot” that he will ever be tried.

Tomiris Baysafa and her mother Zhanna Akhmetova


Zhanna Akhmetova)

Experts say it is likely that Russians accused of war crimes will be tried in Ukrainian courts, although being hauled in front of an international court is a “possibility”.

However Putin is unlikely to face legal consequences for the terror he has unleashed unless he is ousted and his successor opts not to protect him.

A horrifying litany of brutal murders, torture and rape have come to light amid accusations of genocide, with Ukraine’s foreign minister branding the invaders “worse than ISIS”.

Heartbreaking images from the city of Bucha show bodies lying on the street, with many said to have been shot while their hands were bound.

A report by Human Rights Watch said Russian forces had carried out “unspeakable, deliberate cruelty and violence” directed toward the Ukrainian population.

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