Sourav Ganguly Biopic: Not Ranbir Kapoor or Hrithik Roshan, this actor in the role of grandfather

Sourav Ganguly Biopic: রণবীর কাপুর বা হৃত্বিক রোশন নন, দাদার চরিত্রে এই অভিনেতা

Own report: There is no end to the excitement in the fan house about who will be seen on the big screen in the role of Sourav Ganguly. Even on the stage of Dadagiri, the contestant sat down and asked Sourav who would be seen in the role of Dada. Although funny, Saurabh avoided answering that question. From the beginning, Sourav Ganguly said that he wants Ranbir Kapoor to act in his biopic. The production company Love Films also made an offer to Ranbir Kapoor but now it is heard that he is not able to act in the film due to the shooting date.

Another name on this list is Hrithik Roshan. Although neither Sourav nor producer Love Ranjan was heard talking about that. It was heard that Sourav’s biopic will feature Parambrata Chatterjee in his character. This time there is a new buzz in Bollywood. Director R. Balki has started pre-production work for his upcoming film. The main character in his film is a left-handed batsman. Abhishek Bachchan is playing that role. The story of the film focuses on cricket. The speculation has started from here. Sourav Ganguly is also a left-handed batsman, so is director R Balki working on Sourav’s biopic. If this speculation is true, then Abhishek Bachchan is going to play his character in Sourav’s biopic. And several cricketers are also acting in that film directed by Balki.

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Twenty-two yards or so, Sourav Ganguly is the ‘grandfather’ of Indian cricket. As he came into the role of captain in the history of controversial, wounded Indian cricket, the cricketing philosophy of the country called ‘India’ changed one day. The courage to stand up again with almost bowed neck came back. The belief of fighting with one’s eyes on foreign soil breathed new life. He is the jersey-open arrogance built into the balcony of the Lords. He is confident of writing the address ‘Bapi Bari Ya’ on the ball. He is the dream of the youth, the captain of the people’s mind, the international face of Bengal. His real life story is literally like a movie, there are twists and turns. This time the production company Love Films is bringing that story to the screen. Former captain and current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly signed a biopic deal with the company on September 8. Now let’s see who can be seen on the big screen in the role of Sourav.

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