Stalin urges 4 states including Rajasthan to reconsider the ban on sale of firecrackers

राजस्थान समेत 4 राज्यों से स्टालिन का आग्रह, पटाखों की बिक्री पर पाबंदी को लेकर फिर से विचार करें

– Employment of 8 lakh workers in crisis


Criticizing the nearly eight lakh workers involved in the firecracker manufacturing industry, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has urged four states, including Rajasthan, to reconsider the ban imposed on the sale of fireworks. CM Stalin has written a letter to the Chief Ministers of Rajasthan, Delhi, Odisha and Haryana in this regard. The CM said that the ban on crackers is illogical. Its sale is being done according to the standards set by the Supreme Court and the National Green Tribunal.

Stalin reminded that Corona has broken the back of MSME sector across the country. Tamil Nadu is largely dependent on the MSME sector for its growth and development. His government is taking new measures to revive the region.

CM wrote that the firecracker industry of Sivakasi and adjoining areas is the main industrial activity of Tamil Nadu. The livelihood of more than eight lakh workers is dependent on this industry.

No such restriction in any country
Stalin admitted that the states have banned the bursting of crackers on Diwali keeping in mind the air pollution. But they want to point out that the Supreme Court has already banned some polluting firecrackers. Apart from this, now only green firecrackers are manufactured, which causes less pollution. Therefore, full cover of the ban is not justified. There is no such complete ban in any other country.

industry will be closed
The Chief Minister expressed concern that if other states also declared such a bandh, then the cracker industry would be locked down and the livelihood of 8 lakh people would be snatched away. You must be aware that there is a tradition of bursting crackers on Diwali. In such a situation, a policy of equivalence between environment, livelihood and public health should be adopted. He urged that the decision of complete ban on the sale of firecrackers should be reconsidered. Allow those firecrackers which are made under the directions of Supreme Court and NGT.

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