Sudan’s military leader expels six ambassadors who criticized the coup

Cairo, Oct 28 (AP) Sudan’s military leader has fired at least six ambassadors, including envoys from the US, the European Union and France, who criticized the coup. These people had condemned the capture of the power of the country by the army. An army officer gave this information on Thursday.

Diplomats pledged their support for the now-deposed government of Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok.

The Sudanese ambassadors to the UN missions in Qatar, China and Geneva were also fired late Wednesday night by General Abdel-Fattah Burhan, according to the official.

The state-run Sudan TV also reported about the dismissal.

The ambassadors have been evacuated three days after General Burhan dissolved the government and detained the prime minister, several government officials and political leaders in the aftermath of a coup.

General Abdel-Fatah Burhan, who took power after the coup, however, has vowed to hold elections in Sudan as scheduled in July 2023 and appoint a ‘technocrat’ government in the meantime.

They claim that due to the tussle between the political parties, the military forces were forced to take the reins of power in their own hands and if this was not the case then civil war could have broken out in the country.

AP Devendra Manisha


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