Sudden devastating storm in Malda, crazy wind in Baul fair! Broken pandal, flying rice

বিধ্বংসী ঝড়। প্রতীকী ছবি সৌজন্য এএনআই)

Sudden storm. All of a sudden, before I knew it, everything was gone. There was a pandal of Baul Mela. They also fly in strong winds. A few minutes of torment. The city of Malda as well as Habibpur, Bulbulchandi and parts of old Malda were hit by the storm. Meanwhile, many people did not get any forecast that the storm would come. Residents claim, enough sun from the morning. Nothing anywhere until noon. People also started coming to Shivpujo’s pandal. Suddenly the sky became sullen. Then the storm started. There have been hailstorms in some places.

A three-day Baul Mela was going on in Maldal Bulbulchandi area. The fair was quite frozen. Baul artists came to Pandel from far and wide. With the pull of Baul song, the crowd was absolutely overwhelmed. But suddenly a devastating storm. Everything turned upside down. Part of the pendulum has fallen to the ground. The sound box is also rolling on the ground. In fear, they run to take shelter wherever they can. Sources said that tree branches were also broken in some places. The tin rice has flown away. The power connection also became disconnected. However, the mango growers think that this rain in the summer has been a blessing for the mango crop. However, there is a possibility of some mangoes falling. Meanwhile, several advertisement hoardings were also broken in Malda.

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